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BreathWork  |  Guided Imagery  |  GONG Immersion

Immerse Yours​elf into a

Sound Massage

Experience couples therapy amidst misty Palos Verdes peaks. Find intimacy in nature's embrace

"So powerful and emotionally intense!

We naturally reconnected in a way that we didn't believe possible. Thank You!"

Amie & Patrick - Malibu'

"It was the depth of the Sound,

it was the care and connection You guys gave us during the BreathWork and

it was in the Sound of your words. We are deeply touched by what you created for us!"

Elizabeth & Robert - Santa Monica

A private and intimate sound therapy treatment

is a wonderful, transformative way to connect to a loved one.

It is a gift of intimacy and trusts for 2 romantic partners.

But it is also powerful and evolved conscious choice to reconnect for

divorced co-parents who want to strengthen healthy foundations for

the future of their children.

It is a way to create unity between business partners, friends or roommates.

Sharing the same space and working on personal emotions,

generates stronger human connection.

And we use for this, the universal language,


Utilizing Sound and Vibration,

coupled with BreathWork and Guided Imagery derived from Hypnotherapeutic modalities,

Erika and Nicola will work with You to remove emotional blockages and

obtain peace of mind and harmony with You and Your session partner.


In order to be delivered the most impactful and effective results,

each experience starts with a BreathWork session. This practice uses deep, focused breathing techniques that last a specific amount of time and helps to raise your vibration level fast so that you can enjoy those benefits without delay.


After eliciting this strong awareness of your Body and Mind,

Erika and Nicola will guide you into an Imagery Journey designed to work on the Intentions that emerged in the first part of the session. Guided Imagery will promote relaxation and it is used to reach personal and relationship goals.


The progressive relaxation created by these hypnotic modalities will smoothly and organically transition into an immersive full hour-long GONG SoundBath,

where the Sound and Vibration of all the instruments combined will transport the partners into a deeper level of consciousness, a complete and profound Body|Mind relaxation, with the critical mind now drifting away while enjoying the benefits of being in a Higher and Lighter Vibration.

Because of their coaching experience in couple's relationships, Erika and Nicola are very sensitive to building rapport with their clients while respecting the privacy of their homes. 

Individual and Couple Sound Therapy sessions are 2 hours in length and are highly adaptable and customized to your comfort needs.

Experience love's connection: couples holding hands
Experience couples therapy: one holding the other
Transform your relationship with sound therapy for couples. Explore deeper connection and harmony together
Elevate your relationship with couples therapy. Experience intimacy through meditation back-to-back
Find bonding and connection in ocean-view couples therapy

Individual and Couple Benefits

Stress and hypertension relief | Removing tension and blockages | Sleep better

Rested wakefulness | Soothe physical aches and pains

Deeper, fuller breathing | Improved circulation | Increasing positivity & creativity

Deepen intimacy and connection | Promote self-awareness and personal growth

Clarify feelings about your relationship

What to Expect

GONGS will be played surrounding the couple and on top of the bodies. Same for most of the instruments and for the tuning forks. Bowls are gently gonged and rubbed to “sing” and vibrate, providing a pleasant and tingling sensation. When placed around or on the body, the effect is a restorative full-body sound massage.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing with no buttons for your treatment.

Pamper Yourself!

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