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S O U N D  T H E R A P Y  &

Neuro-Dynamic B R E A T H W O R K


   The SOUNDBath STUDIO was founded in 2014 to provide accessible therapeutic modalities to our communities all over the Greater Los Angeles area.

We are known for having performed the first SoundBath Concert at

Carnegie Hall in New York City -one of the most prestigious concert venues in the world- on Christmas Eve 2019.

Our Sound therapy concerts and somatic therapies are an extension of our private practice. 

We perform in both OUTDOOR and INDOOR Locations. 

Our Private Studio and Sound-Room are in Palos Verdes, CA. 

Each Indoor Session is open to Eight (8) attendees maximum to guarantee higher quality and assistance during the Sound Therapy and BreathWork. 

Gongs for Meditation
Sound Bath Meditation
Benefits of sound therapy
Tibetan Singing Bowls for relaxation
  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Private Events
  • Meditate with the Gongs (Adults and Children)
  • Courses and Certifications

   The SOUNDBath STUDIO was on set at Grey's Anatomy, in the episode "And Dream of Sheep".

(watch the video below).

   We facilitate Corporate Wellness Programs [go to page] for small and large companies. Please view our client portfolio and feel free to contact us for any further information.

Grey's Anatomy 15x17 Amelia Scene2

[We do not own any content. All rights reserved to ABC/Disney, Disney Enterprises].

Client Portfolio

WeWork Company, Earth Wind & Fire/MusicBand, Farmers Insurance,  Carnegie Hall NYC, Amity Foundation LA, Grey's Anatomy Company, Guitarist Paul Pesco, Cathay Pacific Airways, YMCA Long Beach-Early Childhood Education, Evolve Conference Long Beach, Emerging Leaders Academy by L.A. County Sheriff's Department, LATINAFest Mind Body Soul, El Rancho High School, Nu Image Wellness Center, TAG Gallery, Wisdome LA, GIFT Non-Profit Foundation, Fair Trade Long Beach, VegFest LA, Codebreaker Technologies, Girls Boss Rally, Unity Long Beach, Enter Martial Arts, Peace Yoga Gallery, KidWorksChildren's Center, Project Heal Inc. ep Wealth Advisors, Baltimore Hotel Special event, and more.   

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Gongs for Sound Therapy
full relaxation
Sound Bath Teacher Training
Therapeutic Sound Bath Sessions




Teacher Training L1 & L2


in person with Erika A. Segura and The SoundBath Studio. 

Location: Palos Verdes, CA


Next Training Program: 



In this Course:

> Theory of/ Applications/ Maintenance of the Sound Tools and Instruments.

> Practice with All the Instruments (Small Group of Students, HANDS-ON Practice)

> +Learn How-To Facilitate Sound Therapy Sessions, Yoga Nidra/Guided Meditation for Groups and Individuals.

We will explain to the students the linkage between SOUND and Meditation, SOUND and Hypnotic States/NLP, how to facilitate the Sonic Experience for Individual Clients as for Groups

and how you can blend this step by step with your current practice.

Who is this for?

*Healing and Wellness Professionals who want to add Sound Therapy at work

*Moms who want to incorporate an effective wellness practice at home

*Teachers & Instructors who want to add a wellness modality with students

*Beaty professionals who are looking to incorporate wellness modalities

*Self - Healing for anyone who is looking to incorporate Sound therapy for SELF

*No experience is necessary to begin your wellness journey!

Practicum & Mentoring: You will be able to practice with your instructor Erika Segura and other students at our live sessions after the completion of this class, a minimum of 10 live sessions


949 287 3445 text|voice

Small-Group Focused 

All classes will be held in our private Studio in Palos Verdes


Accepting: Venmo & Zelle Pay 


Friday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Saturday 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Sunday 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Professional Associations and

National Accrediting Organizations

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